Why is IndiaIsUs the perfect partner of your CSR initiatives?

  • IndiaIsUs is a CSR platform that connects corporate enterprises to 12 wonderful NGOs operating in India, thereby making online donation to NGOs easier.
  • With a wide network of NGOs, IndiaIsUs is your ideal CSR partner.
  • IndiaIsUs not only facilitates online donation to NGOs, but also helps to evaluate their proposals against their organizational strength and financial capabilities.
  • Our platform designs customized programs and campaigns that are scalable and measurable in their impact. We also provide plenty of opportunities for employing volunteers for NGOs in India.
  • Working closely with both corporate entities as well as NGOs, IndiaIsUs ensures that the donations are in compliance with the existing rules and regulations.
  • All ongoing programs and initiatives are thoroughly evaluated to ensure success and suggest measures for improvement.
  • Donations made to NGOs including the donations for NGOs in Chennai and donations for NGOs in Hyderabad are supervised.
  • Our platform establishes a mechanism to formulate budgets for each CSR program and also tracks expenses against budgets.
  • We also organize volunteers for NGOs in India, including volunteers for NGOs in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.
  • IndiaIsUs strives to build your brand visibility and promotes you as a socially conscious brand making donations for NGOs in India.

    We work closely with the corporate communications departments of partner companies and generate publicity materials such as newsletters, blogs, articles, press releases and suchlike.

    Our platform generates and manages web and print content for all partner companies and NGOs.