CAUSE: Recycling

ABOUT: Chintan focus on the process of recycling. The organization assures security and honor for the urban poor, who earn their livelihood as waste recyclers.


CAUSE: Education

ABOUT: Project511 emphasizes on creating education-friendly environment in Government institutions so that each and every child benefits from the basic requirements.

Hope Foundation


ABOUT: Make change in the lives of children and young people with educating them and giving them healthcare.

People For Animals

CAUSE: Animal Rights

ABOUT: People For Animals provides shelter to animals and fight for their rights.

Sphoorti Foundation

CAUSE: Orphanage

ABOUT: Sphoorti aims at changing lives of underprivileged children. The organization provides healthcare and education and skills essential to transform them into responsible citizens.

Sai Sahara Old Age Home

CAUSE: Ageism

ABOUT: Sai Sahara Old age home pursues the objective of providing freedom from hardship and peace of mind to senior citizens who are neglected by the society.

Mamta Foundation


ABOUT: Mamta Foundation helps children and women from rural and poor backgrounds who have been disowned by their families.


CAUSE: Suicide

ABOUT: Sneha has been working for the prevention of suicides and reconnect the suicidal, desperate and the depressed when they feel that there is nobody to understand them.


CAUSE:Gender Bias

ABOUT: Pragya supports new innovations and technologies for optimizing use and management of the natural resources of the ecologically sensitive and remote areas.

Green Yatra

CAUSE: Global warming

ABOUT: Green Yatra works towards filling the imbalance caused by society and promotes the concept of green revolution.

Janodaya Trust

CAUSE: Child Rights

ABOUT: Janodaya Trust works towards protecting children from exploitation and gives special emphasis on their education.

Gift Your

CAUSE: Organ Donation

ABOUT: Gift Your Organ promotes pledging of organs to minimize deaths in India due to scarcity of organ donors.